Paul-DSR Tablet (Pantoprazole (E.C) 40mg + Domperidone (S.R) 30 mg Capsules)

Paul-DSR Tablet (Pantoprazole (E.C) 40mg + Domperidone (S.R) 30 mg Capsules)

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Pantoprazole (E.C) 40mg + Domperidone (S.R) 30 mg Capsules

Owing to vast experience we have gained through a long tenure in the field, we offer pure and effective proton pump inhibitorsPantoprazole (E.C) + Domperidone (S.R) Capsules, used to control gastro oesophageal reflux disease.All these medicines are sourced from a network of trusted vendors are also tested on different parameters to ascertain that these are safe to use.


Longer active period than other proton pump inhibitors

Better activity in cases of meal stimulated acid secretion than Omeprazole


Sustained release form requires one tablet a day only.

Instant & round the clock action


·         Hyperacidity

·         GERD/Reflux esophagitis

·         Drug Induced gastritis

·         Peptic ulcers